The Torture Sessions – New York Times Editorial

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The New York Times published an editorial today, “The Torture Sessions“, which discusses the intersection between torture and the rule of law.

New Roadblocks in Detainee Trials

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William Glaberson writes in today’s New York Times, “New Roadblocks Delay Tribunals at Guantanamo, Frustrating the Pentagon,” that government officials are facing challenges over the lack of precedent and evidentiary issues in proceeding with detainee cases.

Allegations of Abuse in Hamdan Case

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William Glaberson writes about Lt. Cmdr. Brian Mizer’s allegations of abuse in the Hamdan case in today’s New York Times at “A Legal Filing Alleges a Detainee Was Abused.”

Following Orders – Editorial

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Today’s New York Times printed an editorial called “There Were Orders to Follow,” about the March 14, 2003 memo written by Berkeley Professor John Yoo, a former lawyer for the Justice Department.

2003 Interrogation Memo Details Authority of Military Interrogators

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Mark Mazzetti’s article in today’s New York Times, “’03 Memo Approved Harsh Interrogation Techniques,” details the authority military interrogators had to question detainees.

Evidence Debate – Khadr Trial

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Michael Melia of the Associated Press reports in U.S. Accused of Altering Gitmo Evidence that while “[the military] has charged Omar Khadr with murder for throwing a grenade that killed Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer during a U.S. military raid on July 27, 2002 … the military commander’s official report the day after the raid originally said the assailant who threw the grenade was killed, which would rule out Khadr as the suspect. ”

Melia highlights that the report was revised a few months later to say “a U.S. fighter had only “engaged” the assailant.”

Khadr’s case is the first to go to trial at Guantanamo.

Colonel Mo Davis to Testify in Hamdan Case

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The New York Times has a story by William Glaberson today, Former Prosecutor to Testify for Detainee, about Colonel Mo Davis and his testimony in the Hamdan case.